Monday, November 24, 2008

Beyond Ideas

beyond ideas of right and wrong, beyond the essence or the very edge of our thinking, lies the nature of our very existence. should we come with an idea, we should gently let it go, should we come with an expectation, we should kindly yield to this moment. I came to Zen full of suffering and pain, and through the gentle guidance of our master I have found peace. it is now time for each of us to learn how to be the gentle giant of a man he is, and how to guide in his shadow and support his great legacy for the generations to come.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

silver and gold

silver and gold shimmering silver moon, sparkling white clouds. hiding—then illuminating then highlighting the glowing silver orb. what life lives in eclipse of yellow sun and silver moon. one reflects the other, but which one gives life? does the sun give life to the moon, or does the moon reflect life into the sun? in this life only one choice do we have. let go— silver light reflects from the golden source. silver and gold are one and the same.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Suzuki Roshi

green mountains and blue sky, ancient sequoias stand like sentinels along a meandering creek. deep in the forest moss and lichen cover the trees, a carpet of leaves offered below my feet. wild turkeys roam in a small intimate group. a family of deer graze just up ahead. down the trail, to the right— stands Suzuki Roshi’s stupa. offer incense, then wait just maybe an hour or so. a long time ago Roshi said: “we die and we do not die, I think this the correct understanding.” then I realize, like a drop of water he has returned to the river. Roshi asks me quite softly, “are you a drop of water, or have you entered the stream?” my answer is quite simple, “how may I help you?” because, of course; this river runs through each one of us— in an unending flow.
written during a solo retreat at Sonoma Mountain Zen Center thanks to my friend Jakusho Kwong roshi

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Trungpa Rinpoche

being no–one, going no–where, a light rain falls on my head. mist envelops the mountain tops. the staff in my hand steadies the trail down. sitting with Trungpa I chant the Great Dharani; circumambulating the Stupa rain splashes from it’s roof. upon parting transcending the three worlds, vowing to become Buddha and save all beings; the mantra of shattering Hell: om gar ra ji ja sa ba ha om gar ra ji ja sa ba ha om gar ra ji ja sa ba ha.
written during a solo retreat at Sonoma Mountain Zen Center thanks to my friend Jakusho Kwong roshi

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Thousand Eyes and Hands

This video is a real treat!

why do we seek

why do we seek, when seeking leads to more seeking? it is just the mystery of what will unfold into the presence of now. and, are we happy with what we have or do we compare what it is with what we think? this is the paradox of living in this moment and not knowing what is now. poem: dochong, jdpsn
photo: Nanhuasi Mountains, Shaoguan, PRC by dochong, jpdsn