Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Years 2010

we inherently seek for some better thing, and through not understanding our dissatisfaction with our current situation, condition and relationship is at the root of our seeking; we fall into this endless loop of wanting and getting and then wanting and then getting and then dissatisfaction again. there is lament and there is joy and Buddha did not tell us to not connect with these; yet if we dwell in one place for too long then we get stuck with our thoughts about life and lose our connection with the life that is unfolding before us. our lives live outside of thought, yet our thoughts make us human; so how can we reconcile the balance of presence and thought? we cannot do this, we have to just accept that living in the realms of reality carries with it pain, joy, suffering, nirvana, disappointment, satisfaction, and on and on and on……… don’t make a new years resolution, just vow to stop thinking and experience the ride.

Monday, December 28, 2009

stolen words

stolen words within an expression of this moment; pointing to the unfolding of perception outside of thought. an effort to point to the ineffable truth; outside of constructs yields a mountain of opinions. I want this, I want that, I am like this, my creativity is like this. relinquishing opinion, and relinquishing thought; allows a connection with our true self; which is beyond words and thoughts. I don’t try to be clever, nor is it my job to be right; my teacher taught me to be present, and with this there is nothing to add.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

ah….Christmas Eve day

ah….Christmas Eve day and the sun shines brightly over Huntington Beach. in direct sunlight the warmth radiates on my face and takes me back, and in the shady places there is a chill that rises up and this too takes me to my heart. during these holidays there is a longing to connect with all my loving family and friends who are no longer walking this earthly realm. and it is also the presence of family though somewhat smaller there is that love that streams through us and them as well, and the peace that parents and grand-parents and uncles and aunts with whom we once shared and share again each time they enter our consciousness. there is really only this moment in time, it can’t be held on to but it can be lived fully and with love and joy our moments can fill our hearts and fill our lives and we can walk with all of the past, the present and the future; for there is nothing else manifest but our love if we surrender to ‘just this’ as it unfolds and weaves a path from here to here and where we are is where we have always been. peace……… peace……… and peace……… be everywhere………

Sunday, December 13, 2009

the bird's home

the deep dense valley is filled with a thick fog: a bird returns to the valley but cannot find her nest. when you open your eyes, you have lost your way; when you close your eyes, you have lost your home. March 1974

Thursday, December 10, 2009

cloud Buddha

clapping hands together, gazing over the southern mountain, dense white clouds spreading outward— various shapes appear; dog—tiger—man eventually transforming into Buddha. then alas—the clouds begin to dissipate and disappear over the mountain.
August 1973

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Enlightenment Day Poem

cats, dogs and oxen–all understand. sky, mountains and rivers–all understand. trees, glowers and rocks–all understand. they have no speech–only do it! already is manifest–correct way, truth and correct life. someone loses an ox for a long, long time, searches for the ox, but alas has no direction. only don’t know……. one day discovering the truth, this person hits the ground. Yaaaaah……. there is the ox! but the ox is very strong and charges around, so holding the rope tightly–try, try, try. eventually the ox surrenders, as the ox eats grass they only rest together. then–riding the ox and returning home while playing a flute–la, la, la. the willow is green and the flower is red. yet, already riding on the back of this ox, and going out in search of this ox– that is very funny and also very stupid! therefore Buddha is also stupid. why did he sit for six years under the bodhi tree? already–one by one, each thing has it. it and dust interpenetrate. it has already appeared in all things. so Buddha, what was your enlightenment? what did you transmit? you are very funny and this is a funny world. the stone ox is laughing– mu, mu, mu….. Golden Buddha shines through this enlightenment day. Zen Master Seung Sahn December 5, 1981