Thursday, November 22, 2012

the meaning of thanksgiving

the meaning of thanksgiving

we aspire in this lifetime
to embody the love and compassion
of Avalokiteśvara.
we take many vows
along this path
only to ignore them
or not break them knowingly.
without intending to do harm
we also do much harm indeed,
for we live in this house
of frailty and impermanence.
the reason we give pause
and rest in our appreciation,
is that others have helped us
along this path,
with love, support, guidance
and most of all unconditional compassion.
family and friends who walk
this crooked path together,
point out the potholes
and sharp turns to protect us.
may we all rejoice in our family
of seven billion people today,
and know that each one of us
is special, and deserving
of the same love that we aspire towards.

Wonji Dharma

Thursday, November 8, 2012

what is our life

originally, there is nothing,
we come into this world not knowing.
life evolves into learning,
then we attach to our ideas.
letting go always comes later,
we cannot do it when we are young,
this natural process of growing
and becoming an adult
is the way we all must evolve.
once we enter into our adult and checking state
we can begin to let all of our learning go.
it is here and now
that true don’t know exists.
it is the manifestation
of our true self
that transcends the boundaries of thought.