Wednesday, January 28, 2009


the nature of our essence has always been completely undefiled. since we were born, and before we were conceived, even preceding the unfolding of this cosmos, we have always been an elementary manifestation of purity, when someone close– whom we love– is about to depart this realm, what can we do other than, in the words of Mr. Mayor, “to do the right thing.” being close to our loved ones, never, for a moment forgetting how fragile the unfolding of each of our lives has been, and still celebrating with genuine joy and compassion the life that we have and the relationships that we cherish. I do love each of you for your unselfishness in taking this step of unknowing, I love our master for his unbounded openness and clarity of focus, the Dao be willing, we will grow as a family and this is my greatest aspiration for all of us on this path, that the synergy and the compassion, and the wisdom that will settle over time and by natural process, will become the foundation of what it means to shed the clothes of uncertainty. and to shine forth the dharma in all our naked glory reflecting the insight of our great teacher and the seventy eight other master’s who’s collective consciousness will ultimately wipe away all of life illusions.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

maria kannon

several hundred years ago
the french philosopher Rene Descartes said;
“I think, therefore I am.”
fifteen hundred years before Descartes was born,
Jesus Christ already understood his mind.
Jesus said; “take no thought for your life.”
but, the primary question is,
who was correct?
autumn has not yet left,
winter has already arrived.
the grey clouds hang low and tight
and white snow already caps the blue mountains.
it was 80 degrees in southern california when I left
tonight a freezing wind cuts across
the corner at haskell and junius.

December 18, 1996
Maria Kannon Zen Center, Dallas TX
End of a Dharma Talk

Monday, January 26, 2009

a moment

it is within a moment, or a sideways glance. we are moved to silence in the midst of the chatter. why would one come to exclude the presence that always is? for you and for me, we must know beyond the mundane existence that we call life. we are here to teach love and life and grace, and the rest of what we thought was important can be dumped into the trash heap of humanity.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

rare events

what is this rarity in life? how can we know and what can we do? it is sometimes called bare awareness, I have come to know it as before thinking. the essence of eternity that moves my heart and makes me know that this life is all worth the travel and the journey. the result is life, the journey is love and the destination is a union never before seen upon this earth.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

not knowing

I don’t profess to know anything, I just only realize that love is fleeting and connecting to that is rare and precious. I will always carry it and will try to honor that love even though it seems painful at times I do know that in the end there is nothing but this love in life