Friday, January 14, 2011

technologically dependent

This one is kind of dated, ha ha ha...... wrote it in 1996
damn, my modem’s not responding,
how am I going to get my e-mail?
last week it was the hard drive
on my computer that caused the anxiety.
and when I lost my pager
I had to change the link to the
zen center voice mail,
my personal voice mail,
my business voice mail
and my automatic fax notification
not to mention the business cards
and printed matter.
what if someone’s trying to page me on the old number?
when I forgot my electronic organizer
on my last business trip I couldn’t call anyone.
as I leave the zen center
to go to work this morning,
there is a single rose blooming
on the bush by the front door.
delicately white, the edges are
faintly trimmed in scarlet.
bending over, the fragrance is overpowering.
of course......that’s it.
the front lawn is vibrant green
with new growth from the recent rains.
the air is crisp this morning,
breathing out
the warm air condenses
and the vapor slowly dissipates.
January 8, 1996
Hae An Soen Won

zen master fortune cookie

Photo of an open fortune cookieImage via Wikipedia

Christmas Eve party, conversation with a monk
about a koan interview I had
with a teacher from another zen tradition.
“he gave up his center
  and asked me to teach him.”
surprised by the monk’s response,
“this is a great man!” hyon mun said to me.
pretending like I also understood, I smiled.
today, at lunch, after eating ma-po tofu—
the fortune cookie read;
“yours is the role of host wherever you may go.”
I had to laugh out loud!
it finally struck me.
host and guest are not important,
one is not better than the other.
to ask a visiting zen student to teach you,
when there is something to be learned—
is the mark of a great man.
how blind I am—stumbling about this way and that.
how lucky I am—to have a teacher like this.
outside the restaurant the air is warm,
a good friend is smiling.
we have managed to escape
the drudgery of work—once again.
how lucky I am to be so blind.

December 28, 1995
La Habra, CA

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