Thursday, June 16, 2011

renegade ji do poep sa nim

sitting quietly in the upstairs dharma room
the early morning stillness envelopes me
participants are scarce
only hang ja nim and I are present
after some period of time
the stillness of the morning is suddenly broken
the door creaks open, thudding footsteps resound,
and the slick rustling of nylon clothing
thinking immediately arises
who is it who doesn’t understand
correct situation and correct function
trying to return focus to the floor
the noise irritates me
suddenly a tap on the shoulder
reveals the culprit
a renegade ji do poep sa nim
who has snuck out of kyol che
the irritation vanishes as she
invites me to an impromptu breakfast
teacher and student,
wonderful to have such friends
catching up on events
the realization arises
that we are not two and not one
the eggs, hash browns and toast are delicious
the conversation is clear
don’t attach at all to the process
seize the moment before it is gone.

March 8, 1996
Providence Zen Center, RI