Saturday, March 28, 2015

Carrying a Plank on our Shoulders

when we take off 
the blinders of thought,
what is left 
is just the truth.
old Sakyamuni
saw through it first,
Bodhidharma said it well,
while passing through the gate,
let go of thoughts and ideas,
don't live your life
in a book of concepts.
Dahui burned the books
he wanted to take back
his gift of questioning,
but the cat was loose
and his efforts in vain,
what is this-
this very moment.
how can I assist
in the integration
of no thing?
with a smile
a hug
and support
beyond measure.
to nurture
to love 
in the balance 
of naught.
seeing the truth
before thought or concept,
by natural process.......
~ wonji