Sunday, July 18, 2010

subtle form

a subtle form which defies explanation.
there is a place that we each can go,
a shelter beyond the mundane existence
that seems to rule our lives.
it is the existence of eternity,
it is the face of infinity
that we fear.
yet this infinite presence
is with us each moment
and with each breath that we take.
I can see it in the shadows
of the large eucalyptus trees,
and I can hear it in the echo
of the albatross' song,
I can feel it in the warmth of the
mid-day sun against my skin,
it is timeless,
it is breathless,
it is beyond thought
and beyond understanding.
and yet you know
of what I speak
is true
and tangible
in this world of great illusion.
it is the name
of the nameless,
and the face
of the faceless.
and yet our lives
spring forth from it
every second that we breathe.
I can't define it,
or you or me
in the quantum physics
of a universe gone mad,
and yet I am simple
and present
and beyond any concept
that I had a moment ago.
but concepts are many
and our ideas become rampant,
it is in the quiet time of this peace
that overcomes me like a wave,
I don't ask for it,
I only know of it
I can't say it
or know it
or hold it in my hands.
but I know full well
with my entire existence,
that what I speak of exists
in a tangible way.
there is doubt
and there is belief
but what I have is faith
beyond measure.
it is borne on the wings
of a truth built on now.
and in this now
lies the entire cosmos
laid bare for all of us to see.
it is here
and not someplace else
that we come to find ourselves.
and in that instant
that we find it
then we know who we are,
and our loved ones
and our cherished ones
are safe
and protected from harm.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


the earth brings life
and grounds us within
her loving embrace
and bears her fruit
for all to share in abundance.
the wind carries aloft
on the breezes of spring
the seeds of existence
and the birds of the air.
the fire of our passion
and the fire of heat
gives life and expression
to our simple human existence.
the water of this world
is the universal solvent
and washes away both
the soiled and misguided intent.
the elements of life
are actually all one
it is merely our thoughts
that separate them into pieces
that life presented whole.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

world union

we are in the midst
of a world in union
and the separation of thought.
do we see an image,
or do we exist in the moment?
there is no outside
nor is there a tangible inside,
yet we make this
and it has somehow
come to exist
as our world of thoughts.
there is a dance
in which we circle
round and round
till we come back
to the place
where we began.
humanity is the essence
running through all
of our veins,
so why call others by a name?
if we must
use a name,
just call you me;
and know that
I am you.
love is like the
transcendent blue sky,
ideas are merely
clouds forming
and dissipating
in the clear azure sky.
the sky is always present
and never denies
the clouds from forming,
yet when the clouds must leave
the sky is never holds on.
be the sky
and let the misty places pass
of their own volition.
be as the unborn essence
of your original existence
within the timeless grace
of the dance.