Saturday, April 25, 2015

Chùa Thiên Ân April 25, 2015

high mountain desert zen center
morning breaks at five am,
a quick cup of coffee
then off for morning rituals.
seated in the zendo
as the howling northwest wind
slides through
partially open windows,
howling and hissing
as it dances about
chilling my skin.
sudden gusts
shake at the trees
as they rhythmically
sway in the blustery chill,
while the temple chimes
ring out to awaken all beings.
constant cadence
from the time keepers clock
as morning light
creeps in through
tiny windows.
a single moth
lights on the altar
playing in the
morning candle’s light.
in the midst of
the chaos
is a stillness
of unequalled
ring the bell
three times,
strike the chugpi
out side
the traffic noise
of a waking
desert world.