Wednesday, December 17, 2008

christmas 2007

two thousand five hundred and sixty three years ago- a sage appeared who vowed to save us from this state of dis-ease and life’s seeming un-satisfactoriness. now, for eighty generations teacher after teacher, student after student, has passed on the obvious truths of this instruction. the simple and the profane, the obvious and the hidden, what must we do to awaken, from our sleeping malaise? we merely are conduits of the eternal truth, if we have awoken to the eternal truth, the realization that my life is not my own leads to the understanding that I must help to ferry across all sentient beings for there is no separation of my self. there is nothing special in awakening to this moment, yet the awakening is beyond thinking and beyond our thoughts. jesus said to his disciples; “through me life can be gained, only through my life can union with God be assured!” what is this teaching of mysterious wonder and uncertainty? we have come to this life with no possessions and no ideas to be achieved. why do we now wish to pervert the procession and corrupt it with our thoughts?

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