Tuesday, July 14, 2009

there is only this moment

there is only this moment within the cosmic unfolding of eternity, we can not control it we can not know it nor can we direct or divert it, we are, at best an observer of this now. we do not trust in this, yet this is all that there is, this is the nature of the reality in which we seek. do not mistake aspiration for desire, it is this that most do not understand in sakyamuni’s teaching. he did not say to detach from our lives, he merely tried to teach about the difference between aspiration and desire. desire contains “I” aspiration is about “we” so what can we do? just believe in this moment and all is well. this is OK but some think that their way or idea or religion will save this cosmos from itself what folly is this? we can not know– we can not be– we can not accept all that is diverse, for we have not the capacity nor the insight to realize all that is real or all that is illusion. we are now. we are this. and just this. is all that there is. love is all. and love is now.

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