Saturday, November 28, 2009

there is a life

there is a life within a life that is within another life where we try to find meaning. it is this struggle between the present and the relative and the absolute where all of our ideas fall into the abyss. there is no way out nor is there a way in, we are simply here and most of the time we are searching and we don’t know it. the simple truth is always present, there is no this or that, and there is no here or there. we are already the truth embodied in our experience of each and every moment which is unfolding out of the not knowing, and within the absolute and within the relative and yet all of this is just thinking. just breathe and know the breath. just see and don’t make anything. just hear and become the sound. just taste and know that all experience is this. just touch and feel the firmness of now.

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