Wednesday, September 8, 2010

wooden idols?

a wooden Buddha sits quietly on the altar
reminding the sangha to be patient and diligent
a wooden Virgin Mary stands behind the pulpit
reminding the parishioners to be compassionate and pure
a wooden Cross graces the wall above the podium
reminding the congregation
of the great sacrifice and suffering.
some would say there is a difference,
that images of people are pagan idols.
some would say they are all only wooden images
and ultimately they are the same.
the same or different, this is the dilemma,
don’t get trapped, your thinking will kill you.
neither of these are correct
pay attention, wake up
Buddha and the Virgin Mary are smiling
the wooden cross has two perpendicular lines.
how may I help you, today?
December 18, 1996
Hae An Soen Won

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