Tuesday, October 14, 2008

lunch at yunmen’s diner

entering the dining room the abbot looks me in the eye and points to the seat next to him. how auspicious, how humbling seated with Dakchun, Maha Ghosananda, Wukwang Sonsa, Daekwang Sonsa. the abbot Dakchun is the perfect host attentive to all our needs Filling my bowl with food over and over and over I begin to wonder how to tell him I am full without offending him. Maha Ghosananda hold his hands with palms together “enough!” yes, of course it’s that simple the tea is refreshing as we wash our bowls. October 6, 1996 Yunmensi, P.R.C. 道清, 禅师 Dochong, JDPSN photo: Mahaghosananda, Dakchun Fashi, Dochong, JDPSN, Peoples Republic of China, Yunmensi

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