Thursday, October 16, 2008

a moment of realization

there is only one moment of realization where all of our hopes and dreams seem to be overshadowed by the simple and yet profound reality of truth. we search, we seek, we desire, we long for, yet is not this search and quest to know ourselves? and is not the seeking a step into the present trying to find our essence? and is not our desire to be comfortable in our own skin? and is not the longing in our souls not just the manifestation of what we lost in our childhood. there is no ultimate savoir for any of us, we cannot find someone to help us transcend our own problems. this is a personal quest into the realm of eternity, where we begin to understand that we are only what we are. to try to be anything else is an exercise in futility.

photo: View from Haleakela, Maui, HI by Paul Lynch, JDPSN

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