Sunday, March 22, 2009

sonoma mountain zen center

the simmering of the tea pot, steam rises in the air. water splashes into the cup, releasing the aroma of the tea and warming my hands. a fly buzzes against the window— I open it to let him out. the slight breeze sways the branches and leaves of late fall’s remaining life. this retreat is almost done. have I taken advantage of the hospitality and this place of intense truth? it is a blessing to this world— sonoma mountain zen center— a bright jewel in the mountains, rising like the lotus from murky water and the mud in the pond of this universe.


Uku said...

Wow, what an atmosphere and feeling! Truly wonderful, thank you!

Barry said...

This is where I did my first long solo retreat - in a small hut/cabin across the field from the main buildings. Every morning, the chickens across the road would set up an enormous roar. Every afternoon I'd walk down the road and back up in the bright winter sun. Kwang Roshi was very kind to me.

Thank you, Paul!

dochong, jdpsn said...

I have sat at least four or five solo retreats plus a Kido up at Kwong Roshi's place. For me it is a perfect balance of together action, morning and evening practice and then the solo work the rest of the day. I am looking forward to returning soon.

Until then I have a four day retreat this coming week in Cincinnati, hopefully the weather will be good.

Thanks Barry, and Uku for your ongoing support and love.