Monday, March 16, 2009

to breathe

to breathe in the universe; to exhale our very life unhindered. it is this play of life and existence that goes on between the nose and the lips each passing moment that we are alive. is the in breath a moment to perceive? no, it is just the passing of each nanosecond that we pay attention to life. is the exhalation a divine state of exaltation? no, it is just the letting go of what the universe truly gives for free! it is the passing of breath and the sojourn of time that you and I and this and that and all or nothing can become one in the simplicity of a moment in time where there is no this nor that and all that is here can be seen by you and not thought of as in a daze.


silentfairy13 said...

I have been reading your poems and they speak of so much wisdom! what a relief to find such positive poetry. I am a newly published poetry (here's my link)

I started writing from a dark place as can be seen in my work, but I'm striving my hardest to turn all of my new work into light and positive words! check this poem out (it's in my book from the link)- it's about the ying and yang of life and accepting that there isn't a permanent balance but a constant movement of ups and downs, needing humor!

Pop O’ The Weasel

By Amaria Crocoll

What a fine balance seldom secured
Each second a teter-a-tot
The sleeping one leaves here quaintly affirmed
To the dream that’s stable locked bought

But a whistle! A Thistle!
Startles to balance post-lost

Awake is this game
A joke at once forgot
For the jester, is best; sir
The child, a god.

dochong, jdpsn said...

Thanks for the link and the poem, and please keep up the good work as you have talent.