Friday, June 26, 2009

furnace mountain

easter sunday––first day off in thirty
friends said it would take five hours
to drive from olney to clay city
across the heartland
through illinois, indiana and kentucky
farms and fields in Indiana
expansive and well maintained.
it’s true about the blue grass in kentucky
with ranches and horse corrals
as far as the eye can see.
seven hours have passed
arriving at the gate
nestled into the mountains of kentucky
a beautiful korean monastery
to every detail workers have
paid meticulous attention
the beauty of this building
and the landscape is overwhelming
sitting in the Buddha Hall
bowing and chanting
the reverberations of my voice
and the echo of the moktak
this room is chanting too
the turkey vultures soar overhead
a three legged dog roams the temple grounds.
April 7, 1996
Furnace Mountain Monastery KY


Uku said...

This was truly wonderful! On the road again and coming home. :)

Thank you, Paul!

Horangi Bosal, Shifu Reynoldx said...

If one can see, hear, smell, taste, and feel,
Then what
What is the meaning?
Then what
Is there any meaning?
Then what...

Rev. Paul Dōch'ŏng Lynch said...

Hey Shifu I just saw this.

I think maybe you have a stuttering problem.

Shifu Reynoldx said...

Hey Paul, You can change your robes but still the stench lingers.

Shifu Reynoldx said...

Hey Paul, You can change your robes but still the stench lingers.

Paul Lynch said...

Ah, Reynoldx this is wonderful, opening your mouth and exposing your family shame.

Do you really think that a stupid post like this has anything to do with awakening? You are no better than all the other posers on the internet who don't understand correct situation, correct function and correct relationship. I would suggest that you actually attain something before your random ranting on the internet. Of course you are welcome to do as you please and remember that the corner stone of Buddhist practice is great love, great compassion and the great bodhisattva way.

Shifu Reynoldx said...

Since when Is there a better and worse in awakening?