Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Years 2010

we inherently seek for some better thing, and through not understanding our dissatisfaction with our current situation, condition and relationship is at the root of our seeking; we fall into this endless loop of wanting and getting and then wanting and then getting and then dissatisfaction again. there is lament and there is joy and Buddha did not tell us to not connect with these; yet if we dwell in one place for too long then we get stuck with our thoughts about life and lose our connection with the life that is unfolding before us. our lives live outside of thought, yet our thoughts make us human; so how can we reconcile the balance of presence and thought? we cannot do this, we have to just accept that living in the realms of reality carries with it pain, joy, suffering, nirvana, disappointment, satisfaction, and on and on and on……… don’t make a new years resolution, just vow to stop thinking and experience the ride.

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