Friday, March 5, 2010

Happy Birthday Great Abbot

what is required
to see your way through?
a strong center
and only go straight
don’t know mind.
there is no doubt
that our abbot
the Buddhadharma,
he is forthright
and true.
just do it
is the way of the Buddha’s,
but Buddha
never had a wife;
he left that all behind,
so finding
husband mind,
and father
and student mind,
and teacher mind,
and mentor mind,
and therapist mind,
are all realms the Buddha
approved of,
yet did not endure.
our path on the Dao
isn’t as easy as a Monk’s,
so watch your step
and dance in the middle
of the fire.
three bows from
your teacher
on your magic forty.
an age younger than
your years,
and older than
time immemorial.
stop—and pay attention
to each fleeting moment
you give
and today
allow others
to shower you
with the recognition
you so deserve.

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Anonymous said...

Happy 40th Jiun

love Tara Black.