Thursday, March 25, 2010

what is it?

it is a simple rose
that blooms in spring
and brings with it
the beauty of this mysterious cosmos

it is a quiet moment
with your lover at night
when words aren’t necessary
and I love you is said without opening your mouth

it is a somber moment
of suffering and dis-ease
when your father tells you
that his illness is getting worse

it is a challenging moment
of confusion and then insight
when you face another problem
in your work-a-day life.

it is a comfortable moment
when you relax in the hot tub
and the bodily stress of
another day seems to melt away.

it is a moment of profound stillness
when the question permeates
the very core of your being
and there is only clear being there.

the profundity of life’s lessons
is in the simple ness of the answers
that come to us only when we are completely awake.