Saturday, October 16, 2010

for p’arang iii

you and I are
just breath-breathing human beings,
lowering our heads
below the plane
occupied by our feet,
upside down
and topsy-turvy are
the realm of opening and life.
the sacred unfolds
within your shining eyes tonight.
reflection is within
the ticking of the clock on the wall.
is a manifestation of our
ability to just let go,
letting go–
is a demonstration of
our will to be free.
 which has never existed,
loves you–
that I will never know,
within this appearance,
I can only aspire
to touch your heart
and kiss your forehead
and know
we have never


Algernon said...

Ah, you know P'arang! She is a lovely friend. There was a time we were more in touch and these days I miss her.

Ji Hyang said...

P'arang is the Goddess herself, showering flower petals upon every Shariputra-- going anywhere she wishes on the strength of her vow to help all sentient beings...


Rev. Paul Dōch'ŏng Lynch said...

very good friend and Dharma Sister, a warm heart and big compassion.