Wednesday, October 6, 2010

perhaps there are moments,

which each of us realize
that our whole life
is hanging in the balance–
of a simple glance–
or a look–
that we have been
patiently waiting for
our entire lives.
it is with this solemn grace
and the virtue of ten thousand distractions
that we can see through
to the core
of all human emotion,
and when we realize
that it is not just for our own
momentary satisfaction
and that an entire cosmos has opened up
that was hidden previously
from our purview.
it is the sanctity of the pure heart
and the vow passed from two
waiting lips–
this life is not mine
I can not do with it
what I want.

1 comment:

Jim Mac said...

I wish I could say I enjoyed your poem but I can find no enjoyer.
So I'll just smile...