Monday, December 17, 2012

Śakyamuni Buddha once said, 
this world is an ocean of suffering.
Seung Sahn once said,
so much suffering inside of Nirvana Castles.
what is this world in which we live,
and what do we manifest each day.
there is greed,
this is for sure.
there is hate,
that is for sure.
there is divisiveness and vitriol,
at every juncture of our experience.
the question it seems is what do we do with
all the hate and negativity that comes our way.
don’t react,
that would be losing your heart of love.
do not harden your heart
because you see no answers.
for you,
yes you,
are the answer.
open your heart and engage 
this life of hate and negativity
and become a beacon of light
for your community.
it is painful and not pleasant 
to do this,
but if you allow your heart 
to completely break,
you will find your true-self
shining back at you in the marketplace.
none of us has the power
to change the world,
yet we all have the ability
to change ourselves.
once we do can do this,
we begin to realize
this is not a global problem,
it is right here
in our own back yards.
so, where do we begin you ask.
be kind,
do no harm,
be respectful
and know that 
these simple acts
will change the world.

Wonji Dharma

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