Saturday, February 28, 2009

selfless devotion

a selfless devotion of purity, to care for another and understand that we are here to hold each other up, when life throws us curves we must bend with them or break. a great zen teacher once said, “we die, and we do not die.” the meaning can get lost in a sea of self deception. as we pass in and out of existence, what is it that we learn from the tears, from the sorrow, from the laughter and the happiness? the effort we put forth in our lives, the grace that we shine into this world, it is all that we can do, to know that to be human is all that we could ever be, but it is the kindness and the gentleness that sets us apart from the reactions that serve no purpose of good. thank you you inspire me to smile and knowing that you are there and caring for my well being is the most intimate gift any person can give to another.

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