Monday, February 9, 2009

un mun’s temple bell

touring un mun sa with Fo Yuen who rebuilt this temple creating a sanctuary beyond adequate expression removing a fading tarp he uncovers an enormous shattered bell this was un mun’s original temple bell the red guard smashed it during the cultural revolution the group sighs with sadness Fo Yuen perceiving our mood exclaims; “no problem! “ the new bell is made from solid brass the old bell was iron.” taking the group to the bell tower we bow to this new and enormous bell boooooonnnng........ boooooonnnng....... boooooonnnng....... reverberating through all space and time un mun is smiling again the red guard sits in the corner in utter disappointment
October 6, 1996 Un Mun Sa, P.R.C.


Puerhan said...

Maybe by now the red guard is actually pleased! :-)

dochong, jdpsn said...

Dear Puerhan,

Yes things were different back in 1996, I was amazed at the changes when I returned in 2001 and have since been back many times. I fell a kinship with the land and the people when I am in China, a strange feeling of being home.