Monday, February 1, 2010

beyond belief and ideas

there are moments that
transcend the times of life
and connect us to the ultimate
reality of the unfolding presence.
can this become more
than opinion,
or more that our expectations?

settling into the moment
we can not define a single
minute detail
for it is this indefinable
and unknowable
mystery that life
brings forth and we must
ultimately follow.

becoming or just allowing
the flow and the ebb of
our situation
free from any perception
or expectations
that may limit this
ongoing unfolding of eternity.

so we are
and we become
and we can see
but is it beyond
this ultimate idea
of life
that we have in our heads?

is not an idea.
is not an action.
is not being kind to parents.
is not a gift from god.

all of our lives
are perfect
and perfect.
just this
just now

Photo: Samantabhadra's Temple on Emei Shan, PRC 2004

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