Monday, February 15, 2010


loosing awe of the moon,
the magic childhood was gone.
replaced with scientific views
of superficiality,
looking just at the surface,
only what can be discerned
through the objective senses.
yet, is there some knowledge
beyond the knowing?
can wisdom be
learned from a book?
of five colleges and
two universities attended,
not one offered courses on wisdom.
believing still in mysteriously invisible forces,
their effects are measurable and predicable.
the moon’s irresistible pull on ocean tides,
the magic dance of iron filings
within moving magnetic fields;
yet, suppose two lovers embrace
on a moonlit night
together gazing at a bright
and glowing spectre
rising on the clear horizon
lost in their love
and floating on cool evening air,
what resultant effect is evoked
by the soft round orb in space?
view the moon some night
as it rises on the horizon
in all its majesty and splendor,
feel the awe and the wonder
you felt as a child.
scientific claims that there is
no such thing as magical power
might possibly be misconstrued
at the altar of objectivity.
is there knowing beyond knowledge?
this morning–the man in the moon smiled–
and all became quite clear.

December 19, 1997
Costa Mesa, CA

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