Saturday, April 18, 2009

bridge at shaoguan

(I came across this picutre of Mahaghosanada, Zen Master Seung Sahn and Maezumi Roshi, all of our great teachers who have left us recently. Our brother Kwong Roshi is still burining brightly, but it is a sign of the passing of the Dharma from East to West. If you click on the picture it will be full size and you can save it as I feel this is an important picture in the lineage of Zen from China, Korea, and Japan to the West. Please feel free to copy it.) walking over the bridge at shaoguan peasants camped out by the shore with their sampans floating quietly moored to stakes in the muddy earth. the younger crowd drives motorcycles and motor scooters incessantly honking their horns. most people stare at the strange looking visitor and some even point and laugh at this sandy blonde American roaming their busy streets half way around the world this too is my home thick diesel fumes invade my lungs as I begin to cough walking over the bridge at shaoguan. October 4, 1996 Shaoguan, P.R.C.

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Uku said...

Again, wow! Truly beautiful!