Wednesday, April 8, 2009

In Memorium JW Harrington

there are moments of reality so close to the heart and so personal that we can’t really say what has happened. there are times when we meet and the meetings last a lifetime, they grow and flourish and a family seems to appear. JW Harrington was part of my family, he was always steadfast and entered into every conversation with Bodhidharma’s generosity, ‘how may I help you?’ was always the first thing off his lips. I don’t know how to express the sadness and emptiness I feel in the world devoid of his presence. He helped me at times when others had abandoned me, he was there to add sanity to a world that was completely mad. I know that a piece of me has been lost at the passing of my friend, and I mourn the loss of a man who never thought only of himself. photo of JW Harrington and Dorota Streitfield

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Ji Jang Bosal