Tuesday, April 7, 2009

kyol che into spring

quarter moon reflected in the pond as a cricket orchestra sing their evening song. a tiny frog swims through the moon causing it to waver for a time. the lonesome echo of the distant train whistle— hooowaaaah hooooowaaaaaah hooooooowaaaaaaaah suddenly silence returns again, the earth calm and still, but there it is in the distance the tinkling of the pagoda chimes. a spider crawls down the door sill and runs across the floor. chanting the great dharani a cool breeze fills the room, spring has returned. ten billion stars twinkle in the heavens making the pain in my knees and back all the more worthwhile. Diamond Hill Zen Monastery Cumberland, RI [i] kyol che: a ninety day meditation retreat usually sat during the winter months.

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Puerhan said...

Gorgeous and evocative poem and photograph. Thank you! _/\_