Wednesday, April 15, 2009

preacher on the radio

driving in a rented car while the radio automatically scans the numerous songs and programs which crowd the busy airwaves. relieving the radio from its relentless task, a man’s voice strongly rings out a plea. “why is it that many other people leave their particular religions and come to Christ?” he asks. “it’s because Buddhists and Buddhism can’t meet their needs! it’s because Islam and Mohammed can’t meet their needs! it’s because Judaism can’t meet their needs! only the true Christ can meet their needs!” what is the true Christ? what is Buddha? what is Mohammed? red tail lights on the freeway, weave interchanging lanes. a helicopter hovers overhead, thumping it‘s constant rhythm. a single duck is black against the evening sky. the green sign with white letters points the way home. December 21, 1995 Fullerton, CA